Wednesday, 4 March 2015

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation | First Impressions

Pay day can only mean one thing for me - what makeup products am i buying this month? And as im running out of my trusty, Urban Decay Naked Skin, i thought id try something different. As Debenhams (my place of work) was having a 10% off all beauty and fragrance, and then with my staff discount on top of it, i decided to pick up a new foundation that was on my wishlist for a while - MAC Studio Sculpt. 

Studio Sculpt is described as 'a creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing, water-resistant.' I love that the Studio Sculpt packaging comes in a squeezy tube. It's not in a thick, heavy glass bottle like the usual MAC foundations, and it doesn't take up much room in your makeup bag. For £25, you get 40ml of product, which is more than an average MAC foundation. 

I applied this foundation with my trusty, Real Techniques buffing brush and found it gave my skin a lovely, dewy, medium coverage look. It applied so easily, and blended so smoothly into the skin. It didnt feel majorly tacky on the skin and definetly gave a satin finish, which i love. I lightly set the foundation with my MAC ---- powder over my forehead, chin and cheeks (where i tend to get slightly oily) and applied the rest of my foundation.

Throughout the day, it settled into my skin perfect and didnt feel heavy at all. It felt hydrating all over my face, although it did cling to my dry patches, around my nose. I did also find that it oxidized... which for me is a good thing as when i first applied Studio Sculpt, it did seem slightly too pale for me, but within about 30 mins, it seemed to addapt and seemed to match my neck and body alot more.

Overall, Studio Sculpt was tested on my skin for approximately 10 hours (a typical day at work for me) and after 10 hours of wear, my skin looked lovely, healthy, radiant and glowy. There was no fading anywhere, and i didnt find it needed touching up throughout the day! It's definetly one of my favurite MAC foundation's, as it doesnt feel heavy on the skin like most! I'm really enjoying using this foundation, the only frustrating thing is that is clings to dry patches. However, most foundation's i have tried, do cling to them, so i can look fast that. I will carry on using Studio Sculpt as it is a lovely, everyday foundation for me and i love the glow it gives :)

Sunday, 1 March 2015

My MAC Palette | Whats Inside My Palette?

After two years of being a total MAC junkie, i've finally filled my first 15 pan eyeshadow palette. These MAC palettes are perfect for makeup artists, or if your just obsessed with collecting eyeshadows. The packaging is good quality, and perfect for traveling and keeping in your storage as it's super sleek and slim.  The casing is pretty thick and sturdy, and i love that the lid is clear so you can see the shades through. The casing, with 15 inserts, is £16.50, which may sound pricey, but i think its pretty reasonable due to the fact it makes storing the shadows practical and it keeps them all in one place. For even more room, if you have more than 15 shadow's, you can pop the divider out and keep them in the pan of the palette. The shadow's all have magnetic backs which will keep the shadow's in place! 


Top Row - Retro Speck, Patina, Mythology, Expensive Pink, Satin Taupe
Middle Row - Mulch, Twinks, Espresso, Blackberry, Cranberry
Bottom Row - Coppering, Red Brick, Sketch, Beauty Marked, Carbon

The only downside to the dividers are that, for me anyway, i find them pretty difficult to remove the shadows from them without breaking my nails! You also cant identify the shade once in the divider, which can be slightly annoying. Overall, i love these 15 pan palettes. They make storing eyeshadow's so much easier, they look sleek in my makeup collection, and its so much easier than having thousands of pots of shadows! I cant wait to build up a new palette soon!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


My newest purchase from MAC is the gorgeous, Cream Colour Base in the shade Hush. Hush is described as a soft peachy pink with icy shimmer. It's super blendable and looks absolutely stunning on the tops of the cheekbones and down the center of the nose. The texture is so creamy and blendable, and makes highlighting sooo easy. It leaves the skin looking sunkissed and glowy, without looking sparkly, as Hush contains no sparkly or glitter particles, making it a perfect natural highlight. It's an absolutely stunning product and hasn't left my makeup bag since i purchased! For £15.50, its worth every penny.

After loving NARS lipglosses, i decided to pick up the ever so popular, Super Orgasm shade. It's definetly a hyped up shade and i can see why. Its a gorgeous peachy pink packed with lots of tiny gold glitters. These glosses are sheer, but Super Orgasm leaves a lovely tint to the lips.

In January, i picked up the stunning Amour blush also by NARS, and on a night out it went missing *criesssss*. Ever since i first purchased it at the start of the year, it had been one of favourite blushes, and with NARS being my favourite blush brand, i just HAD to repurchase. Amour is a gorgeous, medium pink shade that can be worn so easily everyday. This blush is sooo pigmented, a little goes a really long way, and i love the way Amour can be really built up to an almost berry shade.. Im so happy to have this shade back in my collection!

After lusting over the amazing looking Lorac Pro Palette, and after tracking this bad boy down, i finally own the beauty. The packaging is great, so sleek and slim, perfect for travelling or everyday use. With half the palette being matte, and the other half shimmer, you can create so many gorgeous looks. There is slight fallout, but nothing a brush wont sweep away! With my favourite shades Sable and Garnet. These two shades have gorgeous reddy tones, and really bring out my blue eyes.. and all the shades are super blendable too! Im in love with this palette, and have been reaching for it everday.  

Last but not least, after falling in love with the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush set i got at the end of last year, i knew i had to try more. I picked up the Zoeva 109/ Luxe Face Paint brush which is an absolute life saver when it comes to contouring. This brush makes contouring SO EASY, with it already being the perfect shape for creating definition and chizzled cheekbones that everybody wants. If your a lover of contour, you NEED this brush in your life. 

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Saturday, 21 February 2015

My Lipgloss Obsession | FAVOURITES

Mac Lychee Luxe -  I love this lipglass for a light pop of colour as the coral tones suit my skintone pretty well. It has gorgeous gold specks running through and looks amazing in spring and summer. I like the tackiness of the MAC glosses as they last all day. Ill definetly be bringing this gloss with me on my summer holiday!

Mac Lustre-White - A clear, sparkly gloss that looks amazing over ANY shade of lipstick. Because of how sparkly this gloss is, Lustre-White makes your lips appear huge!

Mac Venetian - A slightly sheer, sparkly red shade that leaves the lips looking super full and glossy. If your not afraid of full on bold red lip, this could be a starter shade for you! The only thing i dont like about these glosses is the applicator, but i can look past that!

Nars Golddigger - Golddigger is a gorgeous sheer nude packed with golden glitters. It looks amazing on its own, or on top of any lipstick.

Nars Super Orgasm - I love this shade if im fancying a slightly peachy, pink look. Its a lovely sheer pink that looks amazing on all skintones.  Its super wearable due to being so sheer, but definetly leaves a light tint to the lips!

Nars Oasis - Again, another pretty sheer shade from NARS but these glosses are so long lasting and feel super hydrating on my dry lips. Its a muted, medium, natural almost berry shade, and its a shade that nobody ever seems to talk about. 

Urban Decay Nooner - Nooner is a peachy nude shade that leaves a subtle nude tint to the lips without looking too-nude. 

Urban Decay Beso - Beso is a natural, your lips but better kinda shade and leaves my lips feeling nourished and not too sticky. I love that this shade has more a sheen, than actually looking sparkly.

Urban Decay Sesso - from the limited edition On The Run palette, my everyday gloss that doesn't leave my makeup bag. Its another one of those your lips but better shade and is my absolute favourite gloss of all time. I so wish this wasn't limited edition! :(


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How I Achieve Flawless Radiant Skin

I start out with moisturizing my skin with a hydrating moisturizer such as - - .. After my moisturizer has had a few minutes to soak in to my skin, i go in with an illuminating base such as MAC Strobe Cream or i apply a small amount of NARS Copacabana to my cheeks and forehead to give me a radiant glow. I blend both of these out with my fingers as i find they work best for these glowy bases.

Onto foundation, it depends on what im doing that day or night. For a natural look for day time, i use my MAC Face & Body, or the Urban Decay Naked Skin. These both give a healthy, natural look to the skin without feeling heavy or looking cakey on the skin. For a night time look, i apply my MAC Pro Longwear foundation as it gives amazing coverage and is super long lasting. I find the best way to apply all of these foundation's is with either the Real Techniques Buffing Brush for a more fuller coverage, or a damp beauty blender to give an airbrushed, flawless finish.

For covering under eye circles, i usually go with MAC Pro Longwear concealer, or for brightening up the under eyes, i go for either YSL Touche Eclat or the MAC Prep & Prime in Light Boost. These both give an amazing glow to under the eyes without looking 'white'. I find Light Boost a lot easier to use as the colour seems to match my skintone slightly better. I find the YSL Touche Clat to be really really pink under my eyes and i dont find it blends as well as Light Boost.

For blemishes on any marks on the skin (usually my cheeks), i like to conceal them with a concealer that matches my skintone. To add a slight extra coverage, i use MAC Studio Finish concealer which comes in a little pot, lasts ages, and a little goes a long way. I love the creamy finish, and that you can really layer this concealer up if need be. Its super blendable and melts into the skin leaving a lovely finish.

Setting my base, i usually use MAC Prep & Prime Transparent Finishing Powder which is translucent and adds no coverage. Another amazing powder is the Urban Decay Naked Skin 
Powder, which does have a colour to it, add's a tiny bit of coverage and leaves the skin soo silky smooth. It has a velvet-like finish to it and feels lovely on the skin. 

I then go in with my all time favourite bronzer - Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess in Medium 3. Its a gorgeous warm toned bronzer and i find this bronzer really compliments my skintone, can look super natural and gives my face instant warmth. I sometimes reach for NARS Laguna if i want a more cool toned bronzer.  For contouring, im loving the Sleek Contour Kit in medium. Its perfect for leaving my cheeks chizzled and defined, and it blends like a dream.

 I definetly couldnt live without highlighter and to give my skin the glow after all those powders are now on my face, i like to go in with either MAC Soft & Gentle, or my fave of the moment - The Balm's Mary Lou-manizer. Both highlighters are stunning and leave such a healthy sheen to the skin. To stop any cakeyness from the powders on my face, i go in with either MAC Fix + or the Urban Decay Setting Spray to 'set' my foundation and stop anything from moving around.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

My NARS Duo's

Clockwise - Alhambra, Kalahari, Silk Road

Silk Road is described as an icy pink / rose gold with golden flecks. Ive seen a few reviews on this duo and alot of people are complaining that Silk Road is lacking in pigmentation.. Maybe i picked up a good one as mine is super pigmented and the shades really are gorgeous. The first shade in the duo isnt super pigmented, but nothing worth complaining about! Its a frosty, neutral pink champagne shade. And the second shade in this duo is absolutely stunning and is a true, sparkly rose gold. If your not into sparkly shadow's, Silk Road may not be for you as it does contain a fair amount of glitter chunks which i actually like! There is a small amount of fall-out, but nothing a primer or MAC Fix + on the brush wont sort out!

Kalahari is described as a gold confection / sugared cocoa. And as most NARS duo's that ive tried, the shadow's are super creamy and sparkly. Kalahari has more purple, muave undertones which i find really complimenting on my blue eyes. The first shade in the duo is frosty, shimmery almost rose gold kinda brown shade (im clearly great at describing shades!) looks amazing sweeped on its own all over the lid! The second shade has less of a sheen but is still gorgeous.

Alhambra is described as a rose mist / golden champagne. This duo is super frosty and both shades are perfect for all over the lid. They also make amazing brow bone and inner corner highlights! Alhambra makes an easy gorgeous, everyday brightening eyeshadow duo that looks good on all eye/skin tones! I've already done a seperate post on Alhambra which you can read here!

These duo's may all look super similar, but these are the kinda shades i reach for on an everyday basis.
NARS never do wrong in my eyes, apart from the price. At £25 each, they are definetly pricey for an eyeshadow duo. But the creamy texture, the incredible pigmentation, and the amazing shade ranges NARS duo easily make up for the price. Are these duo's worth £25?! YES!!
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