Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Why I Love Mac Fix+

Gives the illusion of natural dewy, glowy skin
without looking sweaty and oily. It also gives the 'freshly applied makeup' look.

Stops cakeyness
and doesn't leave you looking 'powdery'. It really does get rid of the powdery finish.

Makes eyeshadows more vibrant
i spray this onto my eyeshadow brush before applying my eyeshadow to give a more vibrant look to my shadows.

Its a freshing, cooling spray
that is great for the summer time. Its great for in the middle of the day when you need to almost 'refresh' your makeup. It also feels hydrating on the skin and gives a cooling feel to the face.

Use with loose glitters/pigments
to prevent fallout and make the pigment as bright as it can be. It also helps to keep the glitter inplace without falling all down your face throughout the day.

Dilutes concealer and foundation
if you have a concealer or foundation that is too thick in consistency, or it is too cakey, mix the product with fix+ to create a more creamy, blendable formula. It makes a thinner, easy to use consistency and will also give you a more dewy appearance.

Stops cream eyeshadows/gel liners from drying out
Mix a very small amout of Fix+ into your dried up cream shadows or gel liners to bring it back to life. 

Have you tried Mac Fix+ spray?

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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Best And Worst Powder Brushes

Real Techniques Powder Brush

I recently picked up the powder brush and have been using it everyday. Its also super soft and fluffy, but bigger than the blush brush and slightly more dense. You pick up slightly more product with this brush, but again, can never look cakey/powdery. Its a nice big size and perfect for all over the face powder.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Before purchasing the real techniques powder brush, this was my all time fave brush to apply powder. Its rediculously soft and fluffy, and gives the perfect application of powder. You can never pick up too much product with this brush or look cakey/powdery!
This is my second favourite, and i now currently use it for bronzer as its the perfect size for overall bronzing over my cheeks and temples.

Mac 150 Large Powder Brush

I got this brush last year, and am really dissapointed! I was expecting this brush to be silky soft and perfect for powder, but its the total oppersit. The bristles aren't very soft, and i find it doesnt pick up product evenly and doesnt apply the product smoothly.
So many people get along with this brush, but for me, its a big, fat, massive, let down!

Do you have a favourite powder brush?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Essie Polishes | All Tied Up & Hors D'oeuvres

What i love about Essie polishes is how opaque they are and how thick the brush is. You can usually get away with one coat of these polishes. The brush is really thick and the formula never goes chunky or lumpy (well mine haven't). I purchased a few new Essie shades from Fragrance Direct and these are my two faves from the ones i bought.

The camera and lighting isn't quite doing All Tied Up justice. Its a nudey, brown shade with flecks of tiny gold glitters in, creating an almost rose gold shade in some lights. This shade is so opaque, i only used one coat on the nail board above.

Hors D'oeuvres is a glitter polish with silver and gold specks in. In some lights its more silver, in others its more gold. You can use this as a top coat and apply one coat over a different polish, or you can use it on its own with 2 coats to create a super sparkly nail look.

I love Essie polishes and will continue to purchase Essie polishes off Fragrance Direct!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Must Have Mac Products

Soft and Gentle MSF Highlighter / Studio Finish Concealer / Girl About Town Lipstick / Studio Fix Fluid Foundation / 217 Blending Brush / Handwritten, Ricepaper, Cork + All That Glitters Eyeshadows /

Soft and Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish is my all time favourite highlighter. Its the perfect shade for my skintone, and looks amazing on the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and the forehead. This product really will last you forever, i've had mine for 11 months and i'm not even close to hitting pan.

Select Cover Concealer is an amazing creamy concealer that has amazing coverage. After i've applied my foundation, i sometimes find i need extra coverage on my cheeks due to scaring and blemishes. I use this concealer in the same shade as my skintone (NC30) to cover them up without highlighting them. For me, this concealer works well under my eyes also, although as its super creamy and thick, it does tend to crease on most people.

I love all Mac lipsticks, and a popular stand out shade is Girl About Town. Its a true, super bright pink, which is lovely and creamy, but lasts a good few hours before it needs topping up. I could not recommend Mac lipsticks enough! They have so many different shades and finishes to suit EVERYONE.

Studio Fix Fluid foundation is a medium-full coverage foundation that i use on days when my skin isn't great. It covers basically everything it needs too, without looking cakey. This is my holy-grail foundation and ill always go back to it!

If your using eyeshadow, the 217 brush will be your bestfriend for blending. This brush is super soft, and is one of Mac's most popular brushes! It also washed really well and i dont find the bristles to shed. For an eyeshadow brush, it is slightly pricey, but so worth it!

Handwritten, Ricepaper, Cork and All That Glitters are the shades in my quad. Handwritten and Cork are perfect for in the crease, and Ricepaper and All That Glitters look amazing as all over the lid colours. Ricepaper looks amazing as a natural brow bone highlight, and Cork often works well on my brows when i'm going for a more soft brow look.

What are your favourite Mac products?

Monday, 8 September 2014

Sleek Blush Trio | Pumpkin

After loving and reviewing the Sleek blush by 3 - Lace palette, i had to pick up more.
The pigmentation in these blushes are incredible, and they are so affordable also.

I love the packaging to these blushes, and love that they come with a large mirror - great for travelling. To say this palette has three blushes in that contain a lot of product, the palette is very compact.

This palette contains three blush shades - Lantern, Squash, P Pie.

Lantern - A red toned pink blush with tiny golden specks which give a gorgeous sheen to the cheeks
Squash - A medium, blue-toned barbie pink shade
P Pie -  A muted neon orange shade with a matte finish

I absolutly love these Sleek Trio's and couldn't recommend these enough. If you are someone who's just starting to get into makeup or blushes, these are great! 

Have you tried Sleek blushes?

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Benefit They're Real! | The Real Steal Kit

After loving every single Benefit product i've owned, i decided to pick up the 'They're Real! The Real Steal! Collection' for £19.50 off Look Fantastic.

This set contains mini versions of the:
They're Real Mascara
They're Real Push Up Liner
They're Real Remover

First Impressions 

They're Real Push Up Liner
I've heard so many mixed reviews on this liner, and was super excited to try it for myself.
You twist the liner at the bottom, to get the product out. Not going to lie, i had to twist this for about 5 minutes (no joke) for some product to FINALLY come out! And then when the product eventually appeared, far too much came out. I took some off the applicator and did my normal liner routine.
Firstly, it came out quite streaky and not very opaque. I twisted the applicator again to allow more product to come out, and then created my line on my upper lash line. The streakyness went and it was then very opaque after a second coat.
Its a gel formula and is very long lasting. I found it pretty easy to apply. I love the applicator, although for eyeliner beginners, this could be quite tricky to use!

They're Real Mascara
After hearing that this is many peoples favourite mascara's, i was so looking forward to trying this also! I'm not really one to experiment much with mascara's, i usually just stick to my Loreal Telescopic and Rimmel X Volume Flash as they give me so much length and volume that i want.
After one coat of this mascara, i was so impressed! I went on to apply a second coat and was even more impressed - this mascara is amazing!
It really does lengthen the lashes, give separation but adds tonnes of volume at the same time!
The brush is pretty big which makes it quite difficult to get your inner lashes, but apart from that, this is my new favourite mascara!

I heard that this mascara and liner are really hard to remove - i did not find this an issue at all. I didnt find it hard to remove at all so i haven't yet used the mini remover.

All in all, i am so impressed with this liner and mascara, they are my new holy grail faves!

Have you tried any these products?

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