Monday, 15 June 2015

Benefit Brow Zings

Benefit Brow Zings isn't a new product, its been around for quite some time but only now am i really seeing how fab this palette actually is. The super easy to use, little kit comes in three shades, light, medium and dark. Not only does the little palette have a mirror inside, it also contains three mini tools - 2 eyebrow brushes and a pair of mini tweezers. So perfect for traveling and on the go! For £24.50, it isnt the cheapest brow kit around, but its definetly one of the best ive tried!

The sleek, travel friendly packaging makes it so easy to just throw in your makeup bag, as its not heavy or bulky and doesnt take up much room at all. I use the shade medium, which is pretty much perfect for me! The powder could be a tiny bit darker, which would make it 100% perfect, but the dark shade just looks too dark and fake looking on me. I use the wax to mimic where i want the hairs to be. So for me, i like abit of an arched brow. I draw the arch on with the wax, and then go in with the powder to fill them in and set the wax in place. Using this method i find my brows stay in place ALL day with no smudging or budging.

I find that Brow Zings lasts me around 5-6 months before i need to buy a new one, which is fab! I love the way this palette gives me such flawless, even brows without looking to harsh and thick. Although if you did want a more natural look, you could go in with just one of the two options in the kit to create a natural but better looking brow. 

This is already my 3rd Brow Zings, i love this kit so much! I do find that the Urban Decay Brow Box in Brown Sugar has a better colour match for me, but Brow Zings contains better wax! I'll be 100% repurchasing (again) as its an amazing little kit. 

Brows completely frame your face - fill them in! We shouldnt leave them out :D

What do you use to fill your brows in?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle - Direct Cosmetics

I've been away from blogging for a few weeks now due to my laptop randomly and completly breaking on me one evening. My laptop is finally fixed and i can start blogging again YAY!

Direct Cosmetics is a lovely site, that contains a fab selection of super affordable items, from cosmetics to fragrances, for both men and women.
From drugstore to high-end, this site definetly has something for everyone, and some products that would make amazing gifts! The team that work there (especially Faye) are all so kind and helpful. 

The Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle 100ml - £19.99 stood out to me. As soon as i saw the stunning, luxurious looking bottle, i had to have this classy scent in my collection. The tinted pink, glass bottle with a netting/lace looking overlay looks so amazing sat on my dresser. 

I love how easy this scent is to wear. It's so light and perfect for everyday, yet still super flirtatious and sexy. I dont usually go for scents like this. I like the sweet vanilla, almost sickly scents, but for night time, i like something a little different. Taken from the site - 
Top notes - pink pepper & wild rosemary
Heart notes - white tea & osmanthus
Base notes - woody and musky

I wasnt 100% sure if i'd like this scent, but its so lovely, sophisticated and feminine.  I've been wearing it mostly on nights out, and have had a good few compliments on it! I've found it lasts so long on my skin too, which is incredible as no other scent usually does. I'm so impressed with Direct Cosmetics, and their customer service is amazing. The team are amazing and so helpful. I couldn't reccomend them enough!

*this item has been sent to me for reviewing purposes.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Balm Nude Tude Palette

Being palette obsessed, i of course had to eventually pick up Nude Tude by The Balm. I've had it on my wishlist for far to long, and finally decided to pick it up. The palette consists of 12 gorgeous neutral shadows, with a variety of shimmers and mattes. Nude Tude retails for £30 which i think is a pretty good price for a perfect for everyday kinda palette. You can totally create a night time look with this palette too, with the shades Sexy (burgundy/berry) and Serious (black). The black shade in the palette isnt too pigmented, but with a damp brush, its amazing! 

The lighter shades in the palette, towards the start are all GORGEOUS and so perfect for an easy, everyday look. Snobby looks like a random weird yellow shade, but it has small tiny shimmers in it, and looks lovely all over the lid. For everyday, Snobby and Sultry look amazing, all though im not really into natural eyes so i do tend to reach for Sexy almost everytime i use this palette!

I wont lie and say i've used the brush, because i haven't, and i probably wont. I find them to not be to great, and i have plenty of other, better quality brushes! I thought the cardboard packaging would be really flimsy and rubbish, but its actually really sturdy. The mirror is a good size and the packaging is perfect for traveling - so slim and sleek.  I do have a lot of palettes, but with Sexy being one of my favourite ever shades, this has to be one of my favourites, and ive definetly been reaching for it alot!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

My Most Used Blushes & Lip Products

NARS Outlaw Blush - This blush is crazy pigmented and looks stunning with a flawless base and bold brows. Outlaw is a gorgeous, rosy berry shade with gold shimmers running through. It may look scary in the pan, but when blended out, it can look really natural and glowing.

MAC Fever Blush - I love this super longlasting, matte blush for when im going on a night out. It lasts so long on the skin and doesnt budge all night. 

NARS Bahama Velvet Matte Lip Pencil - Is the perfect, matte Kylie Jenner lip shade for my skintone. Although im not a massive matte lip lover, this shade looks amazing for everyday and is lovely for when wearing bold eyes.

Dior Addict Gloss 684 Merveille - I'm obsessed with plum/berry/natural looking glosses and Merveille is a gorgeous one. I love the Dior glosses as they are super pigmented and last long on the lips!  I love the applicator and the packaging is stunning as always. I dont find Dior glosses to be overly sticky, which i like!

MAC Spice Lip Liner - My everyday, favourite ever lip pencil! I cant go a day without wearing Spice. It looks amazing with so many glosses, lasts all day, and is a 'your lips but better' almost Kylie Jenner (again) shade!

NARS Seduction Blush - One of my all time favourite, most worn blushes has to be Seduction. I find Seduction really suits and compliments my skintone perfectly and seems to look amazing with all the eye looks i do. 

Urban Beso Decay Gloss - Urban Decay are one of favourite brands for glossees (and many other things) and Beso is the perfect everyday shade. Ive virtually ran out of this shade and will 100% be picking up a new one in the next few weeks!

NARS Oasis Gloss - Oasis was my replacement for UD's Beso. It's a stunning natural berry shade and lasts so long on my lips. It's not as pigmented and glossy as Beso, but its still a gorgeous, amazing shade!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What's In My Muji Drawers? #3

The third drawer in my collection has a few more base products in, that i dont reach for as often. I have a few foundation's in this one. I love the Urban Decay Naked Skin, its definetly one of my favourites for everyday. Its so light on the skin and blends in like a dream. I have my newest foundation - DIOR Diorstar skin foundation which i did a post about here.  As you can tell, im a big Studio Fix lover! I havent used it for a while as it can look pretty thick and heavy on my skin, but i love it for bad skin days. I also have Studio Fix in a few shades to suit me when im pale, and when im tan. 

I have a few illuminating products in here, one being one of my all time favourites - MAC Cream Colour Base in Hush. Hush is so perfect for if your wanting a natural glowy look, as it contains virtually no shimmer, making it look like natural dewy-ness. You can also apply Hush on top of powders, without it looking cakey, which is amazing. NARS Cococabana also lives in this drawer, but this one is quite a sparkly one. Underneath foundation, you cant see the 'sparkles', too much, it just leaves the skin looking super illuminated, which i love.

For contour, one of my favourite products to use is Bahama Mama by The Balm. It's the perfect contour shade for my skintone and can look really natural when blended. I have the Bourjois Bronzing Primer in here also, but i cant say i reach for it too often. I do like to use this on days i dont feel like wearing much makeup, just to add some colour and warmth to my face.

And of course, a few more NARS blushes are in this drawer. I have so many NARS blushes, they need a drawer of their own! I have four gorgeous shades in this drawer, and these are ones i dont reach for too often as they are my more 'summer' shades!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

DIOR Diorskin Star Foundation

 After only trying Dior lipglosses, i definetly was excited to try more from the brand. I had my eye on the Dior Diorskin Forever foundation, but i hadnt heard or seen much about it before. After reading the foundation's description, i had high hopes...

A new generation of fusional wear, fluid foundation. Its ultra-sensorial texture, bursting with made-to-measure perfecting skin care ingredients, melts into the skin for an absolutely perfect complexion that lasts all day long. The foundation blends seamlessly with the skin for a smoother, more even complexion day after day.
Taken from the Debenhams site. ^

I love that it comes with a pump. Any foundation that comes with a pump, makes me happy. Why would you sell a foundation without one?! And of course the packaging, its simple, but gorgeous. The formula of Diorstar foundation is so lovely and the watery consistency makes it feel so nice and light on the skin. It did take quite a while to blend in without having brush lines/marks on your face, which was slightly annoying, but it just needed more time to work with than a usual foundation. I love how lightweight Diorstar feels on the skin, and the light to medium coverage made it look very natural and not heavy looking on the face.

I found Diorstar foundation to have quite a few cons. Firstly, being the price. At £32.50, it's pretty expensive, but i suppose your paying for the name. After a few hours of wear, it clung to the dry patches around my nose, sunk into the fine lines around my mouth and sunk also into my pores. None of those are a good look at all! I was pretty disappointing to also see that after about 3 hours of wear, it was fading. 

I definetly should have read more reviews of this foundation, as its not really for me.  I'm not going to waste it as it was so pricey, so ill wear this foundation on days when my skin is abit better, when i dont need much coverage and aren't going to be wearing my makeup for a long time. I am gutted about Diorstar foundation, although im glad i tried it out as i have wanted to for a long time!

What are your favourite foundations?

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